Himachal tourism is one of a kind

Himachal tourism is one of a kind as Himachal Pradesh offers everlasting tourism experience of all kinds i.e. adventure tourism, religious tourism, excursion tourism,  leisure tourism, Heritage tourism, Winter-sports tourism, Education tourism, Ecotourism, Cultural tourism etc.

Tourism in Himachal is blessed by some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes, pure mountain air, clear musical streams, the evocative fragrance of pine forests, cerulean skies and snow capped peaks in the distance. The feeling of exuberance and wonder evoked by such spectacular landscape can last a lifetime. Himachal Pradesh, the land of eternal snows, has this and more to offer. Tourism in Himachal is different from any other tourist place in India. Tourism in Himachal offers tourists a chance to experience a different culture and life style. The impact of the divine beauty and mighty himalayas is clearly reflected in the people of Himachal. The people of Himachal are calm, helpful, joyful, religious and adaptable to different situations. Himachal is the only state of India where crime is hard to find. This gives tourists a faith to go for tourism in Himachal with no worries.

Tourism in Himachal offers tourists two main seasons to enjoy tourism related activities i.e. Summer Season and Winter Season. In Summer Season, tourism in Himachal offers trekking, para gliding, angling and fishing, vehicle safari, rock climbing and mountaineering, camping and vising world famous places of Himachal. The weather is excellent in Summer and you can explore Himachal at any speed you like. In winter Season, tourism in Himachal offers skiing, heli skiing, ice skating and other winter sports related activities. Himachal experiences heavy snowfall in winter thereby turning it to a heaven for people interested in winter sports activities.

Himachal is called the land of gods. There are so much temples that one cannot even count them all. Almost every temple has some kind of fair or festival connected with it. Dotted with temples, the State has literally one every hamlet. Most of the temples have legends dating back to centuries, some as old as mankind itself. Also there is some kind of festival or fair in every month of Himachal. So we can clearly notice that tourism in Himachal offers excellent religious tourism opportunity for all religious minded people. Himachal has many world famous temples and religious places where people from all over globe come to visit and take the blessings of god.

Himachal has a special place in Indian Tourism scenario. A place of peace and pleasure, Himachal enjoys healthy climate and round the year refreshing weather and offers a great tourism escape to all kind of travelers. Himachal Travel Blog is an effort to spread useful experiences of people who travel himachal.